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Guidance Principles, Mission and Goals

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Guidance Principles

  1. It is never too late to ask for help
  2. Our mental health is as important as our physical health
  3. Building relationships is key
  4. Mental health success is dependent upon developing a safe space and trust
  5. Our thoughts impact our emotions and behaviors
  6. We can take our power back and create the world we want for ourselves
  7. We all have our own personal journey and it looks different for each of us
  8. We are committed to being a good small business citizen and serving the communities in which we work in a fair and ethical manner

The Mission

At The Joy In Living our mission is to foster global mental health wellness in our immediate communities and the world…one thought at a time!

We do this by supporting individuals and families to create healthier communities through mental health and wellness services and expertise.


  • Create opportunities to find joy in life
  • Create a space for people to fortify themselves in a kind way and at their own pace
  • Honor the journey which is different for everybody
  • Create the intention to lead our lives towards health and freedom

Getting Started and what to expect?

I am honored to meet you and join you in your journey towards wellness. One thought at a time!

Free Phone Consultation

You have shown up and taken the first step. Contact us (914) 686-2484 or email reception@thejoyinliving.com to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation. If you decide to move forward, we will schedule an initial assessment to learn more about your needs and goals for treatment.

User Friendly Technology

We follow our mission and goals to provide equitable technological access to our services. Therefore, we provide utmost help and support to ensure our patients have a user-friendly virtual experience. Our welcoming email is provided in English and Spanish upon the client registering and scheduling an initial appointment.

Patients do not need to download an application to have a telehealth visit. All is needed is internet access. They can click on the link provided in their welcome email and in their appointment reminders sent via email and/or text based on their choice of communication.

Pre-Treatment/ Assessment Sessions

The initial assessment process will provide an opportunity for you to share your goals for treatment. At the conclusion of this initial step, we will share and reflect on your needs and goals, and will propose an individualized treatment plan. You will be invited to openly discuss your feelings and willingness to pursue this plan. Starting therapy can be a commitment towards your wellness journey and it is important that we are on the same page as of what this journey will look like.


The adult assessment period consists of 1 to 2 sessions before treatment begins. The first session will last for 60 minutes. No actual psychotherapy treatment will take place during the assessment period however it is very important for the therapist to take the time to explore your strengths and challenges.

Adolescents, Young Adults

An in-depth evaluation and diagnostic assessment is conducted with adolescents and young adults. This extensive initial assessment is conducted over the course of 3 separate sessions allowing the therapist to understand relevant social-emotional and biological factors and to determine if our approach would suit the youth needs. The parent/guardian will be invited to better understand the dynamics of the relationship and to be inclusive of the solutions. Both parties’ confidentiality is honored.



Mood Disorders
Life Transitions
Grief & Loss

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