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Creating the best
setting possible

Family Therapy Port Chester

Creating a Space

It is important for you to create the best setting possible to receive our services. Remember this is a step towards feeling better, thus simply setting up your laptop in a common space may create too many distractions and will not give you the privacy you might need to speak freely. 

We encourage you to use a place that is as quiet, comfortable, and distraction-free as possible. If you live with others, use a space away from them. Use this time to make your space peaceful and appealing, a space you enjoy spending time. Make your bed, remove clutter. Set up some comfy pillows in you’re sitting on the floor. Create an atmosphere with candles, essential oils or incense, if you like. 

Feel free to make your space a personal sanctuary or retreat. Remember you deserve this time and space!

Remove Distractions

A challenge with having therapy sessions in your own space, is that it may be filled with all the normal distractions of life. Distractions will take you out of the moment and lessen the value of your therapy session, so make every effort to remove yourself from anything that would steal away your attention. Set clear boundaries and make sure people know not to disturb you. If your pet could distract you, ask someone to watch it or use a different space.
Disable your email and text notifications so they don’t pop up on your screen during your session. Better yet, turn off your phone and any mobile devices except the one you’re using for the video chat.

Protect Your Privacy

To maximize the effectiveness of your session, do everything possible to guard your privacy. Set a clear boundary for others living with you that you must not be disturbed during your online session – or choose a time of day when you are least likely to be disturbed. Use headphones during your session so only you can hear what your therapist is saying. 

On our end, you can rest assured that your therapist will be speaking from a private space, and we use a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform so your confidentiality online is protected.

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